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Shoutbox Archive
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Its-Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Time September 21 2012 19:54:39
Edd came home and told me all about it. Said it was a good show. Sounds like you missed out Dave lol. laugh
riverdave September 21 2012 18:23:36
jimbo i think i missed the show on level 10 she was sat on her sofa watching tv fully clothed. edd was having a good look laugh
Edd September 21 2012 18:06:12
text to remind me what days you can do.
Edd September 21 2012 18:05:51
(Jess) James, have you spoken to Martin? Would you like me to see if I can be a go between and arrange something? Thought this had been sorted. Eds new pc won't let me log into WSPL lol. Giv us a
snooker a September 21 2012 17:27:31
No stranger
stranger September 21 2012 11:35:15
Has your match against ripely been confirmed this evening jamesy?
riverdave September 21 2012 10:57:47
sore shoulders this morning bleh
riverdave September 21 2012 10:56:38
you got it jimbo!
snooker a September 21 2012 10:29:46
3 4 Dave 0 4 chump I would surmise lol
Don September 21 2012 09:30:25
3 losses on a row now! Think we might of throw the league away, we were without craig and the gov, had to give a debut to a 16yr old pool virgin! Lol but well played rumbers
Edd September 21 2012 09:04:24
Rumblers 6-5 anchor B. we were 5-1 up so a great come back from the anchor boys. A great night.
stranger September 20 2012 07:58:03
As soon as results are in I will let you know! An how does a free bar sound?? Grinrunk beer
snooker a September 19 2012 19:22:32
stranger let me no what U need and if the money is good we can sort it lol Wink
snooker a September 19 2012 19:20:03
If U do guv don't forget 10 th floor , enjoy the view boys but don't let Dave up there it will make his 1 hair stand on end lol good luck boys anyway cu whenever yours snooker a
guvnor September 19 2012 18:57:36
We're hopefully playing a double header against ripley on Friday 28th at Riley's Smile
Its-Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Time September 19 2012 15:47:30
Stats are up. Just restarted computer and it worked. Say goodbye to old slow computer now and hello to hi tech no loading time dream computer Smile lol
stranger September 19 2012 15:43:15
Can you not post a temporary league table on a forum!
Its-Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Time September 19 2012 14:56:35
Sorry everyone. I am unable to load up the stats. Ed's pc has gone on a bender and won't open Frontpage. Without that I cannot do the stats. I will try my best to sort out the situation ASAP.
Its-Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Time September 19 2012 14:29:09
Just filled in our results for last Thursdays match. Boy that was painful!
stranger September 19 2012 09:45:13
Well here's hoping you don't give them what they need jamesy!


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Site Team

Site Team

You must login to post a message.

28/08/2013 14:24
25/09/2012 15:48
It should now add up. Missed out a players "0" in week 6.
25/09/2012 14:19
It's cool, don't bother me jus thought you would like to know as could have an adverse effect on games diff!
25/09/2012 14:06
My bad. Will look into it within the next hour. It's easy to miss them out when you're rushing to do them at times. Simple mistake that can be put right in a matter of seconds Smile
25/09/2012 13:36
Steve will look in to it.
25/09/2012 13:26
Got a pretty good one thanks Dave, but I'm pretty observant! As you know! Haha! Eddie, They don't equal 13 matches of 11 frames!
25/09/2012 13:15
In what way do they not add up steve.
25/09/2012 12:45
stranger get a job you can't be that bored!!
25/09/2012 11:14
Is pyrford socials for and against correct?? It dont add up?
25/09/2012 08:57
Yes mate it is
25/09/2012 08:18
I'm I we can come to some sort of arrangement Jamesy! Smile gotta get the job done first! So is it it Wednesday?
24/09/2012 19:07
He can't afford me let alone the rest of our team lol
24/09/2012 17:42
Hey if it's a free bar you just have to take advantage beer
24/09/2012 17:19
Not sure what U R trying to say edd could U please explain
24/09/2012 16:48
Steve you better start winning the lottery then to pay for the free bar lol
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